EECP treatment centers in India: Indians live long

EECP is the acronym of Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation treatment and this treatment is given to the patients of cardiomyopathy and angina and is one of the most popular heart treatments. There are many EECP treatment centers in India including metro, big and small cities. This treatment is also recommended to patients of ischemia and heart patients. Due to its painless and permanent solution of angina pain attribute, it has gained fame across the country.

This treatment is specifically provided to the patients who are suffering from angina pain but do not want to go for operative option. It is also a good option for people with heavy medication due to chest pain. In some cases even patients’ condition is such where operative treatment is not enough solution or patient cannot opt for it. So in such cases this treatment is proved as a blessing for the patient. It is also suggested to the patients who have undergone bypass surgery or angioplasty and did not recover well. During the EECP treatment a patient has to wear pneumatic cuffs on the legs precisely the patient has to wear pneumatic cuffs on lower thighs, upper thighs and calves. These cuffs are facilitated with adjustment of inflation and deflation. Ideal inflation occurs during diastole (situation when heart rests) situation of heart and ideal deflation occurs during systole (situation when heart is in action).

avoidbypasssurgeryThe order of inflation during diastole is calf inflates first, then the cuffs on lower thighs and then cuffs on upper thighs. Inflation pressure in cuffs is regulated by monitor. During inflation pressure in the cuffs is 200mmHg. EECP therapy resembles IABP (intra-aortic balloon pump) treatment, IABP therapy increases pressure in aorta chamber during relaxation period of heart. This treatment provides great relief and much care is not required. After undergoing this treatment a patient can immediately start living normal life. It is a painless therapy and only small cuts and bruises are observed on patient’s body in comparison to traditional operation. This treatment provides a permanent solution to angina or chest pain in such a way that patient need not go for any kind of observation or medication ever for this problem again.

There is no other opinion that this therapy is very popular among heart patients but in some cases this treatment is not recommended to patients. This treatment is not recommended to pregnant women and patients fitted with pacemakers. Even it is not suggested to patients with frequent heart failure and uneven heart rhythm. It is not suggested to patients suffering from pulmonary disease and with high blood pressure of 180/110.

There are always two sides of everything and same rule applies to EECP treatment as well. But considering the benefits of the treatment this therapy is proved as permanent solution to heart pain and same is approved by different medical councils as well. This treatment has gained much fame in India also and that is the reason why there are many EECP treatment centers in India. Heart pain is no pain at all now.

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