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What Are Medical Stirrups?

Medical stirrups are vital tools in making sure lower extremities are kept in place properly during surgery. They are a type of positioning apparatus, ensuring that the foot and the leg stay in the position they have to during surgery or examinations.

Very often, medical stirrups are combined with other tools. For instance, they may include tilting boots, which tend to be free floating, as well as a locking device. The locking device makes sure that a patient’s position is absolutely perfect. One very important feature of these stirrups is that they do put any type of pressure on the patient’s calf, as this could lead not just to discomfort but also to other physical problems. All medical stirrups are made of high quality, hygienic materials that can be precisely calibrated and that are very easy to use. Additionally, they are strong and durable to cope with patients of different weights.

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Where Are Medical Stirrups Used?

Medical stirrups can be used in all different types of medical facilities. However, they are most common in outpatients surgery centers, clinics and hospitals. They tend to be used during leg surgery, urological procedures, fracture repairs, ultrasounds, gynecological exams and surgery and lithotomies.

Different stirrups are used for different situations. For instance, there are office stirrups, which are used during examination. Then, there are leg preppers, which are used during pre-operative procedures. There are also athroscopic leg holders, basic stirrups, pneumatic leg stirrups that usually come with a vertical adjustment, surgery stirrups, PAL lift assist stirrups and more. All of them have different specifications and are used for various types of medical procedures. The goal is to make sure that they do not cause any discomfort in the patient, most notably circulatory impairment or nerve damage.

Features of Surgical Stirrups

Surgical stirrups have a range of different features that a medical facility should expect if they are looking at purchasing them. These features include:

  • The possibility to make one handed adjustments thanks to a smooth locking movement.
  • Durable materials that are easy to clean.
  • Adjustable straps and hinged braces, so that patients of any size in terms of both weight and height are able to be examined or operated upon safely.
  • Lightweight designs, so that the stirrups are portable and can be taken from one examination or operating room to another.
  • Slim profiles, so that they can be used with ease in a compact space.

Additionally, stirrups come with a range of accessories. These include storage carts, needed to make sure stirrups can be stored safely without being contaminated by the environment; bariatric straps, needed for people who are overweight or obese; boot pads, which help improve circulation and keep patients comfortable; egg crate linings, to keep the stirrups in place properly when stored and moved; and more.

Few people think about the technicalities and mechanics behind medical stirrups. They see them as a necessary evil that they want to avoid as much as possible. Little do they know that their medical professional has actually worked long and hard at making them as comfortable as possible.


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