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The top benefits of a treadmill-elliptical combo

Treadmills and elliptical are two gym equipment or fitness machines which offer several amazing benefits.  From losing weight to burning calories and from toning legs to staying fit, both these machines help to achieve many fitness goals and that too faster than many other fitness equipments.  But besides their individual benefits, the combination of treadmills and elliptical machines also work amazingly well. If you go to the gym regularly or own a home gym with these two equipments, then you must always consider performing a combo workout on treadmills and elliptical. The following are the top benefits of a treadmill-elliptical combo:

The combo helps to achieve similar objectives:

One of the main benefits of performing a treadmill-elliptical combo workout is that the combo helps to achieve similar fitness objectives.  Both these machines offers the similar levels of oxygen consumption and one tends to spend the same amount of energy as well on both these machines.  As far as the goals or objectives are concerned, these machines are infact interchangeable.  But one must note that people tend to have a higher heart rate on elliptical equipments. You can find out more at

Increased benefits by combining both

Another major reason why a person must perform a combination of treadmill and elliptical workouts is that doing so can extend the set of benefits and improve the overall impact.  For example, where on one hand treadmills are useful for training for a running race, on the other hand, elliptical machines can be used for a low impact workout and is gentle on the back and joints of a person.  Treadmills help the body to move in a natural way whereas in case of elliptical, one can also pedal backwards to target hamstrings as well as calves.

Cross training benefits

When performed as a combination, treadmills and elliptical can provide cross training benefits.  Together they help to achieve a more balanced workout and are complete on their own when done together. Treadmills enable one to walk, run and jog. These machines help to give the ankles more flexion. Whereas on the other hand, elliptical provide more flexion or bending movement to knees, trunks, hips, pelvis and thighs.  This type of a cross training is useful because it prevents you from overworking only certain parts of the body. One must make it a point to read treadmill reviews and elliptical reviews before purchasing such equipments.

Use a two-in-one machine

Rather than using separate treadmills and elliptical machines, it is better to use a two-in-one machine.  There are many fitness equipments out there which help to perform functions of both treadmills and elliptical.  For example, the bowflex treadclimber can combine both the movements with a stair stepper as it has separate moving pedals.  These machines also give a climbing movement which further increases the overall benefits provided.

Whether you visit the gym or have a fitness center at home, you must try to use these machines in combination of one another.



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