Quick fixes to your health woes

You’ve woken up and felt sluggish again, as though your entire body is begging to crawl back into bed. Your usual glare into the mirror is like looking at someone twice your age – you prod at your limp skin, ruffle your Neanderthal hairstyle and feel, to put it mildly, like trash.

If this little vignette of misery sums up most of your mornings, then it’s time to do something about it. So, here are a few tips.

Fight the fat

With a growing number of obese adults and children in the UK, it’s become increasingly difficult not to be sucked into the statistics. There’s just so much processed food on the market, ready to cook in three minutes, tasting delicious, but waging war on your waistline with every bite.

Tips to get rid of double chin and reduce your stomach fat are everywhere – but the basics are always the best. Eat healthy (wholefoods instead of processed, fruit and veg instead of donuts) and work out for at least half an hour every day to wake up with more energy and a thinner frame.

Improve your snooze

Getting enough sleep has become a forgotten dream to most people. What with our busy work schedules, social lives, three square meals and, you know, some actual time to relax, getting even a six hour snooze puts you in a privileged position.

But a lack of sleep ultimately leads to increases in stress and weight gain, and decreases in sociability and brain capacity. Ultimately, although your work schedule might be busy, fitting in your recommended eight to 10 hours a night is recommended for the good of your health.

Try relaxation techniques before bed and don’t watch the telly or any technology to nod off (the light from screens overstimulates the mind). You’ll be in the land of nod before you know it.

Water for the win

Do you exclusively drink Diet Coke, black coffee and melted-down lard in your day? Then we might have found the root of your health problems.

A large number of issues – skin problems, blood flow, chronic dehydration – stems from a lack of pure hydration in your day. Without your recommended eight glasses of water a day, you’re putting yourself at constant risk of health difficulties.

It’s an easy fix to a load of your problems, and it’s completely inexpensive. So chuck out those Coke cans to awaken with pep.