Psoriasis Treatment with Alternate Medicines

PsoriasisThe skin is the most sensitive sense organ in our body. It is also the organ which is most exposed to the various elements of nature. There is no wonder that there are a number of allergies and infections that affect the skin. Some of these are superficial in nature and can be cured easily with medicines and ointments; however some are more serious and require long-term medical treatment. One such disease is Psoriasis.

What is Psoriasis?

The cells in the skin grow and die on a daily basis, thereby maintaining a balance. However, sometimes the skin cells start growing much faster and this causes the building up of dry, thick silvery scales and redness in the area. They may cause itching as well as pain. This condition is called psoriasis, and though not infectious, the disease does cause the infected person to face embarrassment and maybe even an inferiority complex in social situations.

What causes Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is attributed to the problems with body’s immune system. Though the exact cause is not known, it is believed that natural factors like sunlight and change of climate as well as stress and trauma can aggravate it.

Treating Psoriasis:

The good news for those suffering from this skin condition is that psoriasis treatment is possible. All the branches of medicine including allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy as well as Ayurveda claim to cure this condition.


Ayurveda believes that disturbing the balance of natural forces can create ill effects on the body. In case of psoriasis, they believe that it is the impurities in the blood stream of the infected person that has resulted in this condition. Hence, the ayurvedic way of psoriasis treatment is by detoxifying the body.  


This form of medicine believes in curing the symptom using herbs and naturally occurring substances. A person undergoing psoriasis treatment with this philosophy needs to follow strict restrictions in their lifestyles as well as food habits. For instance, buttermilk seems to be useful in controlling the symptoms and is prescribed in large quantities. Similarly, foods that are spicy, have extra salt or are acidic should be avoided if one has to follow this line of treatment. Apart from advocating the eating of healthy food, natural treatment also advises applying avocado oil on the affected area and to keep it well-moisturized with aloe vera cream.


In homeopathy, psoriasis treatment restores the body’s immunity and brings it back to the pre-disease days. The length of the treatment depends on how severe the condition is, as well as on how old the disease is. It is easier to treat milder and newer cases as compared to the chronic and more severe ones.


If you are troubled by psoriasis, you need to go to a skin specialist. He will be able to identify your skin condition correctly as there are many other skin infections in which the symptoms are similar. Once it is established that you are indeed suffering from psoriasis, the doctor will decide on the line of treatment. For mild disease, which is spread just over a small part, topical lotions and sprays will be effective. However, in case the disease is spread over a large area, application of creams might not be practical and hence, ultra violet light as well as pills will have to be used. Sometimes, the patient may be required to take injections of steroids on the infected area.

There are also some home remedies which might not cure, but can provide relief. For example, it is found that seawater as well as aloe vera gel is effective in psoriasis treatment. Exposure to sunlight is also believed to be beneficial. Also, it is of utmost importance to think positive and not take mental stress.

Authors Note:

Ronald suffered from psoriasis right from his childhood. Despite a number of treatments, he could not find a complete cure for this condition. Then, treatment by a medical expert helped him find a new medicine system that suited his body. He says that psoriasis is curable, but what psoriasis treatment suits one might not suit another.