Natural Alternatives To Traditional Medicines

Some people dismiss them but some people swear by them. Natural alternatives to traditional medicines have been around for ages. However, because of the lack of organized studies and the individual nature of natural treatments, there is still no definite proof or lack of proof that they work. Here are some of the most common alternative treatments to modern medicines:


Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicinal treatments involve the use of particular parts of plants to cure and alleviate known illnesses and diseases. Some of the most widely-accepted herbal alternatives to modern pharmacological pills include the use of garlic to reduce cholesterol levels and fish oil to reduce likelihood of heart disease. People buy Kratom seeds to use as painkiller and sedative or ginseng to combat depression.


Despite lack of definitive studies regarding the effectiveness of herbal medicine, this natural alternative remains to be the most popular form of alternative treatment in the world.



Acupuncture is popular in China and other Asian nations. This practice involves the use of thin needles that pierce the skin and said to manipulate the flow of energy in the body. This flow of energy is called the qi. The acupuncturist sticks the needles on specific points in the body to direct the flow of qi. Some of the ailments treated by this form of alternative medicine include headaches, back pain, and nausea.


Spinal Manipulation

People complaining of chronic back pain, neck pains, and even headaches go to chiropractors to have their bones, joints, muscles, and spine aligned to relieve the pain. However, over reliance to spinal manipulation may lead the patient not to notice any symptoms that might be pointing to a more serious ailment. Chronic pains may be a sign of cancer or some other serious disease. Thus, it is best to consult the family physician first before availing of the services of a chiropractor.


Slightly related to spinal manipulation is massage treatment. There are different massage therapies that are said to cure several ills ranging from muscle pain, asthma, and improve the function of the immune system.



Popular culture has long glorified the wonders of hypnosis, from overt mind control to hypnotic suggestion. However, some studies suggest that hypnosis can help in treating pain, smoking addiction, insomnia, and even obesity. This is done by putting the subject under hypnosis and making subtle suggestions that will lead to the treatment of such ailments.


Studies show that hypnosis generates a biological reaction in the body that stimulates the nervous system into a better state of health.



We all know yoga as a way to stay fit, like a form of exercise. However, yoga also has some medical benefits. Studies have shown that regular yoga practice helps the body ease depression, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. Yoga combines stretching and some physical postures that are said to relax the subject’s breathing and promote general wellness. Regular yoga practice can also treat back pain, asthma, and even heart ailments.

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