Medical Malpractice Insurance: Why You Need It

Unfortunately, accidents happen even to the most seasoned Doctors. Making sure you and your practice are covered against lawsuits is vitally important; medical malpractice insurance not only protects you, but it keeps you, your company, your license, and your reputation afloat. In the medical field, there are a lot of ways something could go wrong, intentionally or unintentionally. By covering yourself and your practice, you can rest assured knowing that you’re being taken care of in the best of ways.


What Are These Insurance Policies?

As you can probably and properly assume, the insurance covers you (the Dr.) from any malpractice lawsuits and is a type of liability insurance. Lawsuits can come about in various ways and situations, and with a policy in place, you will be able to defend yourself knowing that the financials should be taken care of.


Due to the severity of malpractice lawsuits, it is mandatory to have insurance in order to maintain your license. This is for your preservation as a Dr.; protecting yourself and your assets is just as important as properly taking care of all your patients.


Why Have the Insurance?

Having malpractice insurance is important for obvious reasons – it’s the best way to protect yourself, your practice, your assets, and your money. To not have insurance is an irresponsible move; even illegal; why not protect yourself against all possible future issues that may arise? It gives you a peace of mind knowing you’re covered in case of a lawsuit. Take a look at our post on the facts and myths on malpractice if you want to know more.


There are many cases where lawsuits are filed when there is nothing you as the Doctor could have done differently; in this case, having medical malpractice insurance will protect you. For example, a lawsuit could include misdiagnosis, prescription errors, surgical errors, and be errors of omission or commission.


In the case of a lawsuit, the insurance agency will take the financial hit, and not you. Without insurance, you could lose a lot of your personal and business-related assets; some have lost everything and been left without a career to rebuild.


How Can You Get Medical Insurance?

By taking the proper steps and doing your research, you can find and protect yourself with a high quality and reliable insurance agency. Start by finding a trustworthy and seasoned insurance agent from a well-known and respected insurance agency. Talk to them and let them know exactly what you do as a Doctor (or other medical practice such as anesthesiology) and determine what type of insurance coverage you need. Finding a helpful and seasoned insurance agent will guarantee that you get the proper coverage that you need for your medical practice.


As we’ve seen, having medical malpractice insurance is vital for the purposes of protecting both you and your practice. By covering yourself with a reliable and steadfast insurance agency, you will be able to not only practice medicine efficiently, but you’ll be safe and covered from all sorts of malpractice lawsuits that may arise in the future. Covering yourself with a quality policy is one of the smartest things you can do in the medical field.