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Four Reasons To Deal With Addiction Quickly

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can quickly have negative health effects on the body, from kidney and liver damage to brain damage, and beyond. Not only does an addict risk overdose and death, but there are risks to family, career and much more.

images 94 Four Reasons To Deal With Addiction Quickly

Whether you are the addict, or you simply know the addict, it’s important to do something as soon as you know there is a problem. An addict doesn’t need to hit rock bottom in order to be able to get help and fight their addiction. It does help to know some of the reasons why you should get help immediately though.


Effects On Your Brain


Drugs like marijuana and heroin have similar structure to neurotransmitters that the brain naturally produces. They fool the brain into doing strange things like sending the wrong messages. Some drugs are even worse, however.

Both cocaine and methamphetamine cause nerve cells to release large amounts of natural neurotransmitters. It can mess up the brain’s communication patterns. All drugs make your brain think it’s being rewarded, causing dopamine to be released, causing overstimulation. And you continue needing more.

Effects On Other Organs


Everything you consume goes through your liver at some point to be cleaned, and things like drugs and alcohol cause permanent damage on your liver when they make their path through it. It can also damage your heart and kidneys.


Addicts also increase their chances of contracting illnesses such as HIV and hepatitis B and C, not only by sharing needles, but also due to risky sexual behaviours they may take while drunk or high. People on drugs don’t think about the possible consequences of their actions.


Effects On Your Family And Friends


Drug addiction can lead to a lot of wasted money, which can mean no money to pay bills or keep a roof over your head. It can cause your children to be taken away, it can cause marriages and relationships to be torn apart, and it can also make the addict violent at times.


People high on drugs can often take negative risks, aside from sexual ones. Drink while under the influence can lead to major accidents.Accidents can even happen on the job that can risk the life and health of both the addict and the people that work with them.


Effects On Your Job


You may even lose your job due to drug addiction. When high you may not feel like work is that important and stop showing up. Or you could go to work high and make a grave mistake.

If drug or alcohol addiction is hurting any of these things in your life, whether it’s your addiction or someone else in your life, you need to seek help immediately before any of these issues become extreme. Don’t wait until an OD or near death experience before getting help.



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