Exciting Medical Advancements of the Future- Today!

Most people are familiar with the basic tools used by doctors, like stethoscopes, syringes, and blood pressure readers. Doctors get these tools from a medical equipment company that can also provide them with more complicated machinery, like MRIs, respiratory ventilators, and exam room equipment. A lot of these devices seem boring and commonplace in today’s doctor’s office, but at one time they were considered to be incredible new technology. The field of medicine and healthcare is constantly evolving, and there are some exciting new breakthroughs out there that might be just as common as gloves and surgical masks sooner than you think.


Our previous post, on Hospitals and Technology, covered the way that new technologies have changed hospitals on every level, from administration to treatment. Now, let’s take a look at some of the exciting new technologies emerging in the medical field today that will continue to revolutionize healthcare tomorrow.


Digital Technology and Healthcare


In today’s world, smartphones are everywhere. They’ve become almost as ubiquitous as televisions or landline phones. In hospitals, this amazing new capacity for staying connected and up-to-date means faster, more accurate care for patients. But, the benefits of digital, smart technology on health don’t stop there. Medical News Today recently reported on a hearing implant symposium in Rome, Italy, where an incredible breakthrough in digital devices could give the deaf and hard-of-hearing a whole new life.


An “intelligent sound adapter” from MED-EL has been designed for individuals previously unable to use traditional hearing aids due to medical conditions or the severity of their condition. But what makes this system even more unique is its connectivity and adaptability. The implant automatically adjusts to different environments based on the wearer’s preferences, allowing them to feel more comfortable communicating in a variety of situations, and most exciting, it wirelessly connects with smart phones and assistive listening devices. This connection will help make communication possible in ways it never has been before for those unable to use hearing aids, and the breakthrough of using connective technologies to correct a seemingly permanent condition opens the door to even more possibilities. Soon smartphone technology might be the cure for a variety of issues.


Advancements and Diagnosis


For the average person trying to stay healthy and catch major problems before they seriously impact health, there are several advancements out there to get excited about. At the recent British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting, a new screening process was introduced that could identify lung cancer simply by looking at tissue from the nose or mouth. One of the major problems affecting patients diagnosed with lung cancer is that it is often caught at such a late stage. Recent studies have shown that patients who begin treatment before the onset of symptoms have a much higher survival rate than those that start after symptoms appear. This new technology could lead to much earlier detection than ever before possible and save thousands of lives.


Every day there are new breakthroughs in both treatment and diagnosis of all kinds of illnesses. DNA studies and the Human Genome project are going to transform the way we see medicine. It’s an exciting time for technology in general, and staying up to date on the impact new advancements are having on healthcare today, and in the future, could help you to get a treatment or diagnosis never before possible.