Causes and Treatments for Gingivitis and other Gum diseases

Gingivitis (gum disease)

Gingivitis or gum disease refers to inflammation of the tissues that surround the teeth. It mainly results due to poor dental hygiene. The most important symptoms of this disease are swelling of the gums, redness and pain. Periodontal disease is different than gingivitis. In periodontal disease, there is inflammation of the bones below the gums. If you’re looking for a trusted dental clinic, visit Dean Street Dental: check out our dental practice in Illinois.

Gingivitis is produced due to improper cleaning of the teeth. When food constituents mix with saliva, plaque is formed that sticks to the surface of teeth. If this plaque is not removed, a hard substance called as tartar is formed. If tartar and plaque is not removed, it leads to inflammation of the gums and produce gingivitis.

Causes of gingivitis

The main cause of gingivitis is improper oral hygiene. Bacteria remain in the teeth due to plaque formation that produce irritation and inflammation of the gums. There are some other factors as well that may lead to the development of gingivitis such as:

  • Smoking and tobacco chewing contribute to the inflammation of gums

  • People who have overlapping teeth may have more areas for plaque that can produce inflammation of the gums as it is difficult to clean the spaces.

  • Hormonal changes during menopause, pregnancy and puberty are also responsible for producing gingivitis as blood vessels become more susceptible to bacterial attack

  • Stress is the most important cause of gingivitis as immune system gets weakened during stress

  • A diet rich in sugar and carbohydrates and reduced water intake can also lead to the formation of plaque and development of gingivitis.

Treatment for gingivitis

The main aim of gingivitis treatment should be to boost up the immune system and to address the main cause of the disease. Factors that contribute to the aggravation of the problem should be eliminated. People use over the counter medicines or conventional treatments to get rid of gingivitis and its related signs and symptoms. Conventional remedies offer short term relief. Natural therapies for Gingivitis including ayurvedic herbs, homeopathic remedies and natural supplements work in conjunction with each other and help to boost up the immune system as well as give long lasting results. Certain useful home remedies can also help to get rid of the problem quickly and effectively:

  • Use green tea for doing gargles. Green tea has anti-oxidants that help to reduce inflammation. You can also drink green tea once or twice in a day to boost up the immune system.

  • Rinse your mouth by using warm salt water. It helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation

  • Add one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and use it to do gargles. It neutralizes the acids that produce gum disease.

  • One should do meditation to reduce stress. Meditation and yoga helps to reduce stress and also boost up energy to fight against disease.

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