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Podcast interview with Mike Totterman, Chairman and CEO of iCardiac Technologies

by David Williams

Drug safety is a major issue these days. FDA has been criticized for allowing drugs with safety problems to reach the market, Merck is embroiled in thousands of lawsuits over heart problems allegedly caused by Vioxx, and not a month goes by without the cardiac safety profile of a marketed drug being questioned. Recently, the Senate passed a bill granting the FDA greater authority to restrict the use of drugs when safety problems are discovered after launch.I recently joined the board of iCardiac Technologies, a start-up company that is developing new tests that use ECGs to find cardiac safety problem with drugs early in development. iCardiac has already signed a research alliance with Pfizer and attracted investment from venture capitalists.

I visited the company recently and spoke with its Chairman and CEO, Mike Totterman. Listen in and hear what he has to say.

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