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This blog was launched as a companion blog to the World Health Care Congress conference series, is sponsored and produced by World Congress, and is editorially managed by Corante.

Here in the blog we’ll be exploring, with guidance from a team of extremely talented and insightful experts, how the health care industry is evolving and innovating in the face of a rapidly changing economic landscape. Please join us for what we hope will be a fun and engaging conversation that begins here on the blog, is fully extended and realized at the conference, and, if we’re lucky, continues on past the conference. It’s a fascinating field, one we think is poised for much greater growth and we see this blog as a way to engage in and learn from the rich and varied discussions taking place all around us.

Contact email: info@worldhealthcareblog.org

About the World Health Care Congress Conferences

The World Health Care Congress – Europe 2007 is dedicated to presenting best practices for improved health care delivery and outcomes in Europe. The Congress brings together CEO, CFO, COO, and CIO executives from key organizations that are advancing health care in Europe: providers, payers, suppliers, policy-makers and health officials. The event stimulates the dialogue between public and private sectors and determines actionable plans to promote efficient and sustainable health systems in Europe. Find out more.

The World Health Care Congress

The 4th Annual World Health Care Congress, co-sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, is the most prestigious meeting of chief and senior executives from all sectors of health care. The 2007 conference will convene over 1,800 CEOs, senior executives and government officials from the nation’s largest employers, hospitals, health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and leading government agencies. More info here.

About World Congress

World Congress provides thought-provoking, timely research to advance the health care industry. World Congress events convene CEOs and senior executives from all segments of the health care industry to exchange ideas and debate with thought leaders in order to foster innovative, solution-oriented approaches to advance health care quality, access and contain costs.

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