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  john wrote @ October 17th, 2009 at 12:47 pm

Cut the bs and politicing ! Get to the crux of the healthcare problem…….and the education, employment….. problems.

“Time for all to pay and/or give their fair share for the basic necessities of life.” When the rich and the well off begin

paying the same or similar percent of their gross income and wealth for the basic necessities, then change will begin.

Enough said.

Annual Medical Insurance Costs for a Family of Four

Gross Income Annual Insurance

BURP: Basic Universal Recovery Program

“Costs of Basic Necessities of Life to be Based on A Fixed Percent of Your Gross Income, Adjusted for Wealth, Family Size &

Ages, Catastrophic Illness.”

Basic necessities include health care (insurance, medication, all medical costs), education(tuition, books, housing), public

utilities, parking tickets, court fees & fines, driver’s registration & license, property tax and other public fees and

fines. A basic ID card with secured protected financial information would simplify application of BURP.

I present a just and fair solution that as adopted into to America and the world will begin to stop the financial, mental,

physical and emotional exploitation and abuse by the rich and by corporations of most Americans and humans of the world.


Broken Arm: Deductible Hospital/Medical Costs Not Covered by Insurance

Gross Income_______*Hospital Cost

Parking Ticket

Gross Income Parking Ticket

I’m an old fart of 68 that has experienced the lies and manipulations of the rich and politicians for too many decades. Yes

we have one of the better governments of the
world, but there is so much more that can be done to bring peace and fairness to all.

Please excuse my lack of writing skills, but I believe that BURP is one of the best solutions to the basic problems of health

care, education, employment and of life facing most Americans and people of the World. I would appreciate your assistance in

bringing BURP to the attention of our government and to the people in the Bay Area and of the World.

Please contact me. I’m basically computer ignorant, reclusive, have a dysfunctional memory and need help.
I would like to meet and assist the individual that would prepare my article for publication.

Trip to the moon: raffle, eligible submit proof of bond for 20% of gross income plus 10% of wealth! Eliminate gross previleges of the rich!

Very, very sincerely yours,
John Basich

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