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Archive for July, 2009

What 100 Major Employers Have to Say About Health Care

by Evan Falchuk

Evan Falchuk is the President and COO of Best Doctors, and has presented at World Congress events. This is a re-post from the See First Blog, which shares real-world experiences in helping patients see their way through the healthcare system.

A couple of weeks ago, I presented data during a webinar from our most recent survey of more than 100 major US employers.

We asked dozens of questions relating to the design of their benefits programs, strategies they are deploying to contain costs and improve employee health, and their views on the years to come. I also presented some related Best Doctors data that depicted a disconcerting picture of the problems patients face in trying to get the right care.

I was pleased to co-present with Delia Vetter, Senior Director of Benefits of EMC Corporation (disclosure, EMC is a Best Doctors client). Delia presented a case study on her company’s approach to employee health and health care costs and took questions at the end.

The session was loaded with valuale information for anyone interested in health care.

Click here to review the webinar.

I’m very interested in your feedback so please comment below. I hope to do more webinars in the future and I would love to get your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

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