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Archive for April, 2009

Wireless Health Institute to Explore New, $2B Industry.

by Martin Trussell

A report published in the San Diego Business Journal this week said that Qualcomm and Scripps Health announced plans for an institute dedicated to improving health care using wireless technologies. The center will be funded initially by a $45 million grant from the Gary and Mary West Foundation, and take the name West Wireless Health Institute.

According to the Business Journal, the organization’s research and engineering teams will conduct clinical research using wireless solutions to better prevent, diagnose, manage and treat major health conditions, ranging from Alzheimer’s to heart disease to obesity.

The article went on to point out some possible applications, for instance, wireless sensors can track blood sugar, blood pressure, vital signs, sleep state and even caloric metabolism.

Organizers were quoted as saying that the Institute will bring together science, medicine, engineering and technology in the delivery of health care.

Wireless health care is expected to grow into a nearly $2 billion industry in the next five years, analysts say.