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6th Annual WHCC-Day One, Part Two

by jingemi

The second keynote discussion included Angela Braly (Wellpoint), Carl Camden (Kelly Services) and Mark McCellan (Brookings Institute). Mr. Camden cited the large amount of uninsured being sole proprietorships, i.e., freelancers. He discussed how a lack of insurance becomes an impediment to start a new company.

While his emphasis was on the need to provide insurance to those individuals, I think there is relevance to Health IT. Small-businesses owners should be a target audience for Health IT vendors, specifically, PHRs. These individuals are likely to be uninsured or underinsured. An inexpensive PHR will allow for a record of care that may become sporadic during periods of low insurance coverage. Thus, a PHR becomes a stop-gap measure until a better insurance can be implemented.

Dr. McClellan is proponent of pay-for-performance as well as insurance mechanisms that encourages cost-effective treatment. Again, Health IT would be the underpinning of his reforms. For example, a robust e-prescribing system could encourage the purchase of generic drugs.

This was a very insightful discussion.

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