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Diabetics Using Twitter to Track Sugar Levels.

by Martin Trussell

When I first conceived of writing about how health insurance plans were possibly using social media technologies like Facebook and Twitter to engage their members to seek better health, I was expecting to find more applications like the one at http://twitter.com/ss1.

Now diabetics can quickly add sugar and med entries via Twitter direct message to the ss1 Twitter account. SugarStats is a simple and easy-to-use interface to allow individual to input and access their data from home, school, work, even while on the road.

The application, which can also be accessed via a mobile device application, the web and through Endo, is operated by SugarStats LLC, a small company based out of Hawaii.

A free account can be established by going to www.surgarstats.com. Once the account has been set up, data can be entered using Twitter and a variety of other portable input devices. SugarStats will track your sugar glucose levels along with the elements that affect those levels such as medication, food intake and physical activity. Users can then easily share this information with their health care professional, family and friends to get further consultation, support and advice to lead to better health.

According to a blog established to promote the service, tracking diabetes is a simple as logging on to Twitter.com and posting a short message like this:

d ss1 bg 108 Good pre-meal BG, I’m feeling great this morning!


d ss1 med rap 6 Trying 6 units of NovoRapid to cover dinner

Then an entry of 108 goes directly into your SugarStats account at the date and time of the message.

If you want to share your sugar info with your Twitter circle you can enable the option within SugarStats to have new entries posted to your Twitter account, otherwise it is confidential and can be accessed in the form of graphs and charts by logging onto your account at http://www.sugarstats.com/.

For all the details and instructions check out http://www.sugarstats.com/

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  José Luis wrote @ January 24th, 2009 at 7:42 pm

I can not believe this application simply brilliant

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