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The Stimulus Proposal….

by jingemi

The stimulus package has been presented and some of my questions have been answered. Specifically, I wanted to know what programs and agencies would be distributing the money. In terms of Health IT, there will be $20 billion (and another $4 billion for examining cost-effective healthcare treatments). So how will this money be distributed?

The answer is the same way as it has been. This stimulus appears to be providing funding for programs that already exist. For example, in a non-Health IT example, the Manufacturing Extension Program will receive more funds. This program is from the Clinton-era. So for Health IT, we will probably see more funding for the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN), more funding for Health IT in the community centers program, more money for the states, etc.

It appears that there will be no change (pardon the pun) in how we fund Health IT. The change is in how much we fund.

Go to www.healthitpolitics.com to see my recommendations for what Health IT stakeholders can do to have a part in the stimulus package.

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