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Obama Promises Guaranteed Health Care for “Every Single American”

by Malorye Allison

Standing in front of more than 84,000 people at Denver’s Invesco Stadium last night, Barack Obama said a few short words about health care, and they came towards the end of his list of promises. 

“Now is the time to finally keep the promise of affordable and accessible health care for every single American,” Obama told the cheering crowd. “If you have health care, my plan will lower your premiums. If you don’t, you’ll be able to get the same kind of coverage that members of Congress give themselves.”

Then, visibly moved and in a slightly angry tone, he added: “And as someone who watched my mother argue with insurance companies while she lay in bed, dying of cancer, I will make sure those companies stop discriminating against those who are sick and need care the most.”

Now the official democratic presidential candidate, Obama gave more attention to the economy, the war in Iraq, and oil prices.  On that last topic, he stunned some listeners by pledging to end U.S.

dependency on Middle Eastern oil within ten years. Not surprisingly, most of his speech addressed his sources of inspiration, what’s wrong with what Bush has done or what McCain would do, and a long list of promises.  But he also warned that Americans should be ready to help make all this happen.“Government cannot solve all our problems,” Obama said. “But should do that which we cannot do for ourselves.”Obama gave much more details about some aspects of his plans than others. Regarding how to pay for all these promises, he said he would “…close corporate loopholes and tax savings that don’t help

America grow.”  In addition, he would “Go through the federal budget line by line eliminating programs that don’t work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less.”

See our health care plan brief for Obama here, and to see how his plan stacks up against McCain’s and the other stakeholders’ plans (such as the Federation of American Hospitals, the American Medical Association, and American’s Health Insurance Plans) see our unique Plan Comparison Grid.Listen to the whole speech, in two parts, at CNN: Part I and Part II

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