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Not The Same Old Trizetto

by GVanAntwerp

Before a whole week passes, I need to capture my interview with Gene Drabinski from Trizetto.  Gene is the President of Cost and Quality of Care.  This was a fun interview where we just kicked back at the end of day two at the World Healthcare Congress and talked.

I haven’t spent much time around the Trizetto people recently and still thought of them as Facets which was the software that I remember from my payor days at Ernst & Young LLP.

Of course, I had done some homework prior to the meeting and began by asking some questions about being acquired by Apax who is taking them private.  We talked about the advantages of being private versus public.  The big one being the ability to plan long-term and make investments rather than try to make each quarter’s number.

He was then kind enough to walk me through some of the history of Trizetto.  If you go to their news page off their website, I had realized before I talked to them that I was outdated in my frame of reference.  They are talking about social networking and consumerism and decisioning not about claims processing and efficiencies.

We talked a lot about the CareKey application which they acquired.  CareKey (now CareAdvance) is a PHR (personal health record) which sits on top of a member database.  He described several key features of the application:

  • Good metadata (i.e., data about data)
  • Ability to reach out and capture new data systemically
  • Custom rules environment
  • Able to be integrated with workflow and used in disease management, case management, and utilization management

CareAdvance Enterprise - Enterprise software that allows health plans to automate utilization, case, disease and population management, and to extend a personal health record and personal health management tools to their members. The system includes two modules: Personal CareAdvance and Clinical CareAdvance, which integrate with the health plan’s core information systems, aggregating the member’s personal claims and diagnosis history, current prescriptions, and laboratory data into a single data repository.

We talked about transfering the information from one PHR to another.  He clarified that the transaction data was transferable but not the context.  We then spoke about their vision for Integrated Healthcare Management as an out-of-the-box solution to make the patient “be the best I can be”.  From what he said, the physician is the final constituent that they need to get integrated.

“Integrated Healthcare Management is the systematic application of processes and shared information to optimize the coordination of benefits and care for the healthcare consumer,” said TriZetto Chairman and CEO, Jeff Margolis.

From Gene’s session at the conference, he facilitated a panel that included Vicky Gregg who is the President and CEO of BlueCross BlueShield of TN.  One of her slides which captures the Trizetto IHM vision is here:

My takeaways were (a) Gene’s would be an enjoyable person to work with and (b) Trizetto is doing a bunch of interesting stuff and focused on how to use technology to transform the industry.

It’s also worth reading through Jeff Margolis’ document called The Health Plan of Tomorrow.</