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WHCC Europe 2008 - Chair’s Opening Remarks

by Lloyd Davis

whcc europe 2008 010The congress is formally opened by Patrick O’Connell, PhD, Managing Director BT Health, UK.

The congress is the only forum where so many leaders in healthcare come together to talk about the future of healthcare and it’s improvement. Berlin is an excellent setting with it’s history of medical progress.

We’ll be talking about priorities and strategies, e-health and continuing to improve patient care.

The context: 10% of the total workforce in Europe is employed in healthcare. Cross-border interoperability is an increasingly important factor. Many countries feel the burden of an aging population. Patient engagement is changing and patients are already interacting online without reference to medical practitioners. New players like Google and Microsoft are coming into the health record market. E-health can improve and enhance medicine and enable new technologies, but the implementation of such strategies is extremely challenging.

We have an opportunity here to share what we know and are learning to provide better patient care.

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