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Opening Panel Q&A

by Lloyd Davis

whcc europe 2008 011This session was tight on time, but Patrick asked everyone to run over what they thought are the big challenges?

David Nicholson - You have to put a lot of investment into things that don’t have immediate payback. When you work in a political environment, politicians want benefits now. The biggest risk for us is that we lose public confidence. Rapid standardisation is required, but the people hate it - so it has to be really carefully managed.

Michael Wilks - there are developments that many people don’t know about. The issues are essentially those of technology and privacy which eclipse a lot of the things that are really exciting.

Richard Alvarez - agree that showing benefits beyond the electoral cycle is most difficult. Also that public perception is that these systems are already in place. It’s also a tough sell with clinicians - we’re revolutionising the way they work.

Uwe Reinhardt- let’s be hopeful, lots of people say it can’t work but we have lots of people working hard to make Health IT work well and the entry of Google and Microsoft into this area is really exciting.

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