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Change the World

by Nick Jacobs

I stopped for a cup of coffee tonight and beneath the cardboard heat shield was this saying by Gary E. Knell, the President/CEO of Sesame Workshop, the producers of Sesame Street, “. . . If we can use television to teach tolerance and respect and promote healthy eating, we can indeed change the world.

Earlier this summer at the movie Evan Almighty, I was struck by the plot of this light hearted comedy. In it a young television news anchor ran for the U.S. Congress on the platform, “Change the World.”

Because it tells the story of the phenomenal impact that any one individual can have on this world, I was searching out information on a little video entitled,” The Power of One,” funded through the Heinz Foundation. It was during that search that I accidentally came across this quote from the Heinz Family History, Believing that “kindly care and fair treatment” was the right and moral way to treat employees, rooftop gardens, lunchtime concerts, and weekly manicures for all food handlers were staples at H. J. Heinz.

That was about a century ago, and most companies still haven’t figured that out. Could teaching hundreds of other hospitals how to treat employees well change the world, improve our healthcare system, save a life?

A few weeks ago, a corporate jet flew into our airport with six vice presidents on board. They were from a very large company and were here to explore a possible partnership with our researchers. Could that partnership change the world? Yes, in every possible way. Could discovering a cure for even one type of breast cancer change the world? What do you think?

We’ve all seen what one life can do if inspired, driven or committed to doing good.

We have the power to change the world; like Ghandi, Mother Theresa or even H.J. Heinz. We have the Power of One.

To some of you this may seem just crazy, but that has always been my goal, my platform, my passion and my vision; to change the world. For a lifetime, I have embraced this very simple yet entirely too complex phrase, and believed in my heart that it was my job to work toward that goal.

It is up to us to do something that will forever change the world in a positive way; to make it better, safer, cleaner, healthier or just more fun.

Regardless of your position in life, do something unexpected and nice today. Help someone. Get an animal a cold drink. Visit a sick friend, or discover a cure for cancer.

Change the World.

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