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Singapore medical tourism diaries

by David Williams

I finally completed my diary from my medical tourism research trip to Singapore. Now I’m working on posts about some of the individual hospitals I visited. If you’d like to read the entries on MedTripInfo, see:

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  Vic wrote @ August 11th, 2007 at 4:01 pm

Great resource on the Medical tourism market in Singapore!!

Sometime back, on a trip to India, I was amazed to see how world class health care facilities were emerging to offer quality health care at a great price. the whole “MEdical Tourism” market in India is set to boom.

Since 45 million Americans dont have insurance, I thought about how helpful it would be for say a desperate family to know about some of these options in India. Of course there are negatives about travelling to India…..so to try and give a free resource to the average American facing a tough medical situation, I created www.medical-treatment-in-india.com

We wish to grow this into a more comprehensive free resource. Check it out. Comments greatly appreciated!!

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