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Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare

by Tony Chen

Since healthcare innovation has been a core topic on this blog, I encourage you to head over to the ChangeMakers website. Partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, they are sponsoring a collaborative competition that will award the best “disruptive innovation” idea in healthcare. Here’s a list of the ideas that have been submitted so far - everything from engaging youth to exercise in new ways to the creation of a health futures market to church-based health education kiosks.

Also, check out their “Why Games Matter: A Prescription for Improving Health and Health Care” Collaborative Competition, which is “seeking diverse and creative solutions that merge two distinct but increasingly interconnected worlds?computer and video games and health and health care.” Kids already play video games that are teaching them math - maybe a new game could teach them about their health (and to go play outside instead of playing video games).

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