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Prevalence of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China

by Fred Fortin

Any health care reform effort in China has to take into consideration the widespread prevalence of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). At a recent China-U.S. health care conference, China’s Zha Dezhong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Administration, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, presented the following statistics. I thought you might find these numbers interesting. As usual the scale of any numbers coming from China is always a bit startling.

  • There are 3009 TCM hospitals accounting for over 16 percent of all hospitals in China.
  • There are 35,053 TCM outpatient departments and clinics, or nearly 17 percent of all outpatient departments and clinics in China.
  • 92 percent of urban community health centers and nearly 55 percent of community health service stations are able to provide TCM services.
  • 75 percent of the 40,907 town hospitals have TCM departments.
  • 50 percent of the 58,209 village clinics across China can provide TCM services.
  • Among the 864,168 rural doctors, 267,305 practice some combination of TCM and western medicine.
  • There are 19,533 practicing TCM “pharmaceuticalists” in China.
  • 234 million people were treated in TCM outpatient departments (No indication of time period).
  • Over 6 million people were discharged from TCM hospitals making up nearly 13 percent of all discharges in China (No indication of time period).

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