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Gliese 581c

by Nick Jacobs

Dan Vergano of USA TODAY wrote a few weeks ago about a planet outside of our solar system where conditions would support oceans and thus life.  “The planet circles the red dwarf star Gliese 581 in a Goldilocks orbit that sets its temperature between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit . . . just right for liquid water to exist.”  They’ve named this planet Gliese 581c.

Why, you ask, am I writing about Gliese?  During a period of innovative thinking, (See Fierce Healthcare’s list of the most innovative hospitals in the United States), about what it would be like to start from scratch, numerous thoughts emerged regarding this topic.  We could load up the new solar system express and move on out to Gliese where we have a chance to start over.

First and foremost we could use Gliese 581, their sun/star to power the place.  It was also about two weeks ago that I read that the sunshine that bathes this earth for just one hour produces enough energy for all the planet’s power needs for a year.  By using acres of mirrors, we could harness solar energy to drive turbines.  It’s not new technology.  So, we’ve taken care of the power challenge.

Now what do we do about healthcare?  Remember, no already onerous rules or bureaucracy, no preconceived prejudices regarding the nuances between doctors of osteopathic, homeopathy and allopathic medicine; between certain chiropractors and physical therapists; no influential drug advertisements;  no limit to our ability to introduce healthy living into the formula.

If we could do it all again, would we have television, automatic weapons for everyone, saturated fats, helmet less ridden rocket motorcycles, highly refined white flour for bread and processed sugar, salt and sugar laden junk foods, machismo commercials promoting alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, or violence?  Would we embrace the knowledge that by just finding ways to relieve stress, meditate, control our emotions, exercise and watch our diet, we would be able to add decades to our lives?

Would our healthcare facilities be structured in a completely different manner?  Universal healthcare coverage for all individuals would be required.  Would our healthcare facilities be created around a healing environment; have live plants, decorative fountains, live music, suites that accommodate loved ones, exercise areas attached for waiting families, open access to medical records and computers for information to aid in decision making?  Would the patients and their families have access to all forms of integrative health modalities; acupuncture, reiki, spirituality, pet, aroma, and massage therapy, and most importantly, access to kindness and nurturing?  Would our scientists work hand in hand with our physicians to actually help solve immediate problems?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, go to the polls and vote.

We don’t have to leave the earth to make these changes.  We don’t have to fly to Gilese.  All we need to do is to visualize a better world and then work collectively to ensure that we achieve that reality.  We have the power to change the world.  We have the power, the resources, the wherewithal, and the knowledge. The only thing we are lacking is the appropriate leadership with a vision directed toward helping us achieve these goals.

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