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A Topic for Our Blogging Group and Audience

by Vince Kuraitis

I’ve been reading attentively to the insightful posts and comments from our blogging group and am beginning to get a feel for respective areas of expertise.

In turn, I’d like to toss out a question to try to stimulate some dialogue and probing across our areas of collective and individual expertise.

What do you believe will turn out to be the most powerful Web 2.0 and Health 2.0 (interactive applications) for patients and health care players (doctors, hospitals, pharma, etc.)?

I’ll share my detailed thoughts later, but will offer one perspective as a relatively new blogger. At a gut level, I am CERTAIN that this world will change dramatically, but the specifics are VERY fuzzy….much more like a mural than a photograph. I’m finding blogging to be a fascinating and life-changing experience, but not in ways that I ever could have imagined.

Your thoughts?  I suggest comments rather than new posts — that should be easier for the audience to join in.

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  tony wrote @ April 16th, 2007 at 7:36 am

Vince, great minds think alike (hopefully not in a groupthink kind of way! I just did a post on healthcare 2.0 sites - chick here

it’s still anyone’s game…

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